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Meet the Pitmaster

About Bud's

Lazorus Brown, a Houston native, has a deep love and appreciation for really good BBQ.

How It Began


Inside the Smokehouse

Lazorus Brown, a Houston native with Cajun roots, was practically raised in the kitchen. His interest in cooking began by watching his mother cook and seeing his family’s love of food. He developed an interest in culinary artistry after exploring some of Houston’s best restaurants as an adult. Lazorus bought his first barbecue pit in 2007 and a new passion was born. He began experimenting with his own rubs and sauces and soon learned the nuances of woods, such as hickory, mesquite, oak, and pecan and the flavors they impart.

For years, however, Lazorus kept his barbecue a family secret. Finally, after he catered an event for a local company, he developed a following with eager customers flocking to him asking for more. In 2010, he purchased a food trailer and his business continued to grow. He’s never stopped learning and creating his own recipes. He has found a home for his craft at Bud’s Pitmaster BBQ, where he runs the restaurant’s custom smokehouse and creates its many rubs and sauces.